With a lot of rain forecast for the week I had high hopes for a successful few days.

Unfortunately, not many rods were out at the beginning of the week despite excellent conditions. On Monday 3rd August, Roddy Crosby took a 9lb fish from the Craig on Dalreoch.

With torrential rain on Wednesday, Thursday was the first proper spate of the season with the river rising to 8ft.

On the Friday, the river settled to a very fishable 3ft. Willie McNish took 2 fish; a 15lb from the Hare’s Took and a 5lb from the Craig. Also on Dalreoch, Jim Smith took a 6lb fish from the Hare’s Took.
On Almont, Jamie Gaff caught a 6lb fish from the flats.

The first fish of the season from Bardrochat, was 6lb from the Bridge Pool caught by John Cathcart.

On Saturday 8th, Willie Peffers had 2 fish; 10lb from the Hare’s Took and 6lb from Dangart. Also on Dalreoch, Gordon MacDermid had a 10lb fish from Dangart.

Quite a productive week on the river and very happy with the number of fish caught. However, looking at the catches up and down the river, given more rods it could have been even better.

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