The Dalreoch Farming and Sporting Estate belongs to the Wellesley family who descend from the McConnels who have lived in the Stinchar valley for 150 years. It is run as a traditional rural estate with farming, fishing and shooting at its heart.

The Estate is opposed to any wind-turbines being installed in the Stinchar valley, which is not an appropriate place for such industrial development. The Estate believes that visitors come to South Ayrshire to appreciate the scenery, wild-life and the unspoilt countryside.

The Factor

The Factor at Dalreoch Farming and Sporting Estate is responsible for the overall management of the estate, which includes the farms, the pheasant shoot, the fishing and managing the let properties. To contact the Estate Factor please telephone Matthew Aspinall, 07948 420905.

The Keeper

The Keeper at Dalreoch is responsible for the Shooting activities on the estate. For booking shooting parties, please telephone the Estate Factor Matthew Aspinall, 07948 420905.

Or send an email using the form on the Contact page.

The Ghillie

The Ghillie, Richard Hold, is responsible for all Fishing activities on the estate. For booking fishing parties, please telephone Richard Hold, 07494 105086.

Contact the Estate Factor, Matthew Aspinall

For Fishing on the River Stinchar call the ghillie: 07494 105086