With fish starting to be caught more frequently, spirits were high that we’d have a good week. On Tuesday 28th, I was ghillieing for the Duke of Wellington who hooked into a large fish in the Craig on Dalreoch which he had on for 15 minutes but unfortunately lost. Seeing this fresh fish I was hopeful of a few catches the next day.

On Wednesday 29th a small select few ventured out onto the river with the first success of the day for Stevie McNeillie who had a 12lb fish from the Hut Pool on his second cast of the day & a 5lb grilse from the flats on Almont. Both were returned.

Later on that evening, Gordon MacDermid after work took a 5lb grilse from the Hare’s Took on Dalreoch. Gordon noted a high number of sea trout running that evening which is always good to see.

Unfortunately, unlike the water, the fisherman dried up until Saturday.

Saturday 1st August saw John McCulloch and Willie Peffers venture up to Almont with John taking a 10lb fish from the Hut Pool and Willie taking a 6lb fish from the Flats. Amazingly the two of them also lost six fish between them through the day.

On Dalreoch, Sam Blackwood’s party took a 6lb fish from The Craig.

Nice to see a few fish being caught, including some of a decent size. Given the great water we had last week, it would be have nice to have seen a few more rods on the river to really gauge the rivers potential.

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