With a lack of rain for two weeks, on Wednesday 26th the heavens opened with torrential rain for most of the morning which caused the river to flash spate.

In the late evening, the river started to clear and Billy Morrison took two fish weighing 8 & 6lbs from the Jubilee Bridge Pool which we’ve done some work to, to make if it possible to fish again. This pool is excellent to fish as it’s on the Wee Stinchar and if the Duisk is running dirty, the Wee Stinchar normally runs clear.

Thursday 27th saw the biggest run of fish this year with fisherman taking fish all through the day. On Dalreoch, Jamie Turner took four fish, biggest of them being 8lbs. Jamie’s fish were caught from the Hair’s Took, Burnfoot & The Greystanes. Noel Hainey & his son Paul, also on Dalreoch, took a fish each out of the Dangart Pool. Up on Almont, Billy Morrison had a 5lb fish from the Flats and another 8lb fish from the Jubilee Bridge.

On Friday 28th, I was hoping for a large number of fish caught similar to the previous day but unfortunately it never materialised. A few were caught… up on Almont, Jamie Gaff had a 5lb fish from the Flats and his father Alan Gaff had a 5lb fish from the Lairds Run to complete the weeks catches.

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