At last something to write about! The week started with a 10ft spate which the river dearly needed. On Tuesday the river was fishing with a 4ft water. On Dalreoch the Carney Party landed 3 fish, 2 for Dave Carney biggest from the Smiddy wheel at 8lb and Travor simpson had a 5lb fish from the Craig. On Almont Johnny Gaff landed 4 fish from the hut pool and lost 7 yes 7!!! Alan Robb also had 2 fish biggest 13lb from the flats. On Wednesday On Dalreoch the Carneys had 5 fish biggest by Dave Carney a 15lb fish from the Hairs took. On Almont Andrew Mccalriwth had a 6lb fish from the flats. On Bardrochat John Paton had a 6ld fish from the corner pool. On Thursday the carneys had 3 fish on Dalreoch biggest landed by D Mitchell a 17lber from the Hairs took. At Almont Alan Scott had a 6lb fish from the flats and jim hopkins also had 2 fish from the flats. On Friday the carneys had 2 fish D Mitchell with the biggest a 12lb fish from the Battery. On Almont Ian Kemp had 2 fish both around 6lb mark from the flats. On Saturday The Carneys had 2 fish biggest a 20lber landed by Alan Box from the Craig. On almont Jonny Gaff had a fish from the lairds run around 6lb. Will be updating photos on website soon keep a eye out.

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