Last week started and ended with extreme weather conditions but we still managed to land six fish.

With two large parties fishing this week the Bardrochat syndicate was headed up to Almont. Archie Bryden had an 8lb fish on Monday and lost another later in the week. Mike Timson was on Almont on Friday and landed an 8lb fish from the tail of the Lairds Run. Mike and his guest also lost another four fish between them. The water was over 4ft all day on Friday and Mike tells me that all the fish they hooked were in the tails of the pools.

On Dalreoch Wendy Caiels and party fished for the week and had four fish. On Tuesday they had a fish from Smiddy followed by a 13lber from the same pool on Wednesday. The neck of the Craig produced a cracking 15lber on Thursday while the Smiddy was back in action again on Friday as it gave up a lovely 14lb fish. I am waiting for the rods to send me their photos and will update the post as i receive them

The rain arrived in Force on Friday night and didn’t really stop all day yesterday, i took a snap from the webcam at around 6pm yesterday and the river was over 7ft and still rising. As i type it has now dropped to just under 5ft and should be in decent order come tomorrow.

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