Dalreoch estate report for week beginning 2nd of September
After a week of no water again it rained on Friday night thank god. I had forgot what rain was like, after 2 min of standing in it the words fing weather came from my mouth, still don’t like getting wet! So i woke early on sat morning went down to the river at half 6 to beat the phone calls asking the height of the river. I found the river hadn’t moved at all i couldn’t believe it where was the water, it had to come at some point. The phone started with fisherman cancelling cause of no water again, i kept telling them it will come but only a few rod came out. At 11.30 finally the river came up a nice 2.5ft but dirty but still ok to fish. When the river was rising Ian Mcilwraith had 3 sea trout all around a pound off Dalreoch. Later on in the evening at Bardochate Archie Bridon had 3 Salmon 2 form the dub at 5 lb and 1 fish from the bridge pool at 11lb. Ian Gourley was with him and he had 5 sea trout and lost 3 salmon not a bad night.
With rain falling today the week looks ok for next week with plenty of fish in the river but i have only a few rods on this week, so if fancy a go please get in contact.

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