Dalreoch Estate report for week beginning 30th of September

Start of the week same as normal no water but plenty of fish showing in the river but none was wanting to be caught. After rain Wednesday and Thursday the river was at 4.5ft but running clear on Friday Morning. A big water but there was a chance and Andrew McCalriwth took that chance with a 14lb fish from Dangat on Dalreoch his farther Ian had a 2lb sea trout as well. On Saturday
was the perfect water 2.5ft was hoping for 10 fish, after the first couple of hours of no fish thought it was going to be a hard day. In the end Brian Robb fishing Dalreoch had 2 fish one from the doctor and one from dangat at 5lb each. On Almont Colin Hislop and Kenny Hislop had a fish each from the flats and Billy Morrison had a fish from the flats too.

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