Dalreoch Estate report for week beginning 16th September

What a week! With heavy rain most of Sunday and Monday, Monday was a write off. On Tuesday the river was running at 4ft and clear, so the madness began. On Dalreoch Bill Dungavel had 3 fish biggest at 12lb from the Smithy Wheel, Alan Scott had a 5lber from Dangat and Paul Hainey had a 5lber from the willows. On Bardrochat Ian Gourley had two fish biggest 12lber from the corner pool and Paul Hainey had two fish from the Dub biggest 17lber. At around midday the river went dirty and that was the end of that day.
Wednesday the river was the same as Tuedays 4ft running clear. On Dalreoch Bill Dungavel again had 3 fish from the smithy wheel biggest at 15lb, Victor from Wales had a 9lb fish from the Smithy wheel and Chris sorry no surname had his first ever salmon from the Smithy wheel a 9lber to. At Almont Simon Littlejohn had a 6lb fish from the hut pool, Colin Hislop had two fish from the flats biggest at 9lb. At Bardrochat Paul Hainey had 6lb fish from the Dub.
On Thursdays the river was at nice 3ft but it was raining hard in the morning. At Dalreoch David Cook had a 6lb fish from the new pool above the Smithy wheel, as he caught the first fish in that pool he has named it the Gunners run. Mike Allan had a great day with 3 fish from the Hairs Took biggest at 15lb and another fish from the Craig at 15lb. At Almont Ryan Dunn had 9lb fish from the Flats and Adam Cairns from Fastnets had a 12lber from the Hut pool. The river did rise and went dirty but within an hour it was running clear again.
On Friday The river was back at 3ft again. On Dalreoch James Sneddon had 4 fish all at 6lb from the Dangat. Mike Allan Had 2 fish one at 6lb from Dangat and a super 25lb cock fish that went back from the Hairs Took, picture to follow soon. Victor had 10lb fish from the doctors and Jamie Turner on his first visit to Dalreoch had 3 fish two from the craig biggest at 10lb and a 8lber from Burnfoot.
On Saturday the river was perfect at 2.5ft. On Dalreoch John McCulloch had two fish from the Doctors biggest a 6lb. Brian Robb also had a fish from the Doctors a 5lber. Gordon from Ayrshire river trust had 15lb fish from the Hairs took. Lord Douro had two fish a 12lber from the Greystanes and 6lb from the craig. At Almont Billy Morrison and his brother had 3 fish all from the flats biggest at 8lb.
What a week 45 fish in total hope to get photos of some of these fish so keep checking our website to see them.

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