With plenty of water the season has ended with a high, beating last years total catch with 134 fish.
There was nothing to report on Monday, on Tuedays Colin Hislops party had 4 fish from almont biggest around the 15lb mark. On Wednesdy Simon Lilltlejohn had 3 fish from Almont biggest 14lb from the hut pool, David Bsllingall had a 9lb from the Craig, 6lb from Hairs Took and a 4lb sea liced sea trout from Dangart. All on his own frankensnelda fly. David is one half of www.taysalmonfly.biz. On the last day the Thursdays Brain Robb had 3 fish from Dalreoch biggest 14lb from the doctors and Bill Dungavel had 2 fish from the hairs took.

I conclusion we had a good season considering the water levels we had. Will do a reveiw of the season in the next week.

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